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    SmartyReader makes critical reading easy by integrating comprehension questions and vocabulary acquisition tools into a dynamic eReader platform.

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    SmartyReader cultivates the most important skill high school students need to succeed in today’s world: independent critical thinking.

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Award-winning Content (New York Times, Financial Times, and more!)

Questions Created by Educators and English PhD Candidates

Simple, intuitive and functional on any device that has a web browser, SmartyReader offers a monthly subscription to a limitless supply of Smarticles™.

What are Smarticles™?

Smarticles™ are modular reading comprehension exercises, designed to propel holistic improvement on the critical reading sections of the

  • PSAT
  • SAT (Current & 2016)
  • SAT Literature Subject Test
  • ACT
  • AP English Literature
  • AP English Lang. & Composition
  • (And Counting…)

Rise to the challenge with SmartyReader's suite of critical reading tools

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Comprehension questions and explanations

Designed to reflect the inner logic and difficulty of the critical reading questions on the SAT, ACT, and Common Core PARCC tests

Data on every student’s performance

Providing actionable insights into every student’s critical reading performance by tracking improvement and pinpointing areas of struggle

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Earn points and compete in the weekly competition

Collect points during the week by completing Smarticles and compete in weekly competitions for prizes

Your Personal Flashcard Stack

Encouraging active vocabulary acquisition by empowering users to define vocabulary words while reading and store them in a personal flashcard set

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Smartyreader’s Vocab Companion

Match vocab words preselected from the Smarticles you read to their synonyms until you've mastered them all.

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